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Researcher Year
1.        Examining the Current Situation and Future Challenges of Students’ Cultural Groups Mohammad Fazeli 2004
2.        Examining the Sense of Justice among Female Faculty Members Mohammad Fazeli 2005
3.        Policies and Cultural Programs Collecting, Editing, Evaluation and Analysis Abdolhossein Laleh 2005
4.        Examining the Novel Methods of Knowledge Production and its Implementations for the Iranian Social Sciences Yahya Emami 2006
5.        Capacities and Requirements of the Development of Humanities in Regional and National Scales Mohammad Taghi Rahnemaei 2006
6.        Examining the Student Identity Dimensions from the Sociology Perspective Salahoddin Ghaderi 2006
7.        Function of Students’ Gathering in Tehran Universities Seyyed Rahim Abolhassani


8.        The Theoretical and Scientific Principles of Developing Interdisciplinary  Humanities Ali Khorsandi Taskouh 2006
9.        The University Context, Politics and Identity in Student Life Mohammad Javad Gholamreza Kashi 2006
10.    Developing Qualification of Higher Education Planning Nematoolah Azizi 2006
11.    Examining the Effects of Internet in Iranian University with Especial Emphasis on the Intellectual Capital Mehdi Montazer Ghaem 2006
12.    Research Methodology in Education Khosro Bagheri Noparast


13.    Examining Political Culture and Democracy Interaction: The Case of Iran Mahmoud Sariol-ghalam 2006
14.    The Foundations of Iranian National Identity Hamid Ahmadi


15.    The Nature and Function of students’ trade unions and gatherings Activities Mohammad Javad Javid 2006
16.    Educational Principles of the Development of Interdisciplinary Studies Ali Khorsandi 2006
17.    Mrp Software, Specific to Humanities and Social Sciences


Mehdi Hosseinian rad 2007
18.    The Political Thoughts of 7 Intellectuals of Islam Hooshang rezaei


19.    The Theory of Religious Democracy Hamid Heidari


20.    Localization, and Islamization of Political Sciences and International Relations Majid Bozorgmehri 2007
21.    Designing and Validating  the Model for Modifying University Curriculum Kourosh Fathi Vajargah 2007
22.    The Effect of Religious Orientation on the Attitude towards International Relation among University Students Hossein Salimi 2007
23.    Leisure Styles of University Students in Tehran Kavoush Heidari-Seyyed Zia Hashemi 2007
24.    Political Justice in Islamic Political Thought Imam Sadegh Research Institute


25.    Novel Educational Methods in the Fields of Political Sciences and International Relations in Canada (Theorizing And Science Production) Amir Mohammad Haji Yousefi 2007
26.    The Extent and Ways of Consumptions of Mass Media among the Students of State Universities in Tehran: Addiction to Internet and the Educational Development Esmaeil biabangard 2007
27.    Mowlana and Studying Mowlana


Mehdi Mohebbi 2007
28.    Political Thoughts of 10 Scholars of the Islamic World


Reza Shirzadi 2007
29.    Typology of Students’ Relation in Dormitories in the City of Tehran Mohammadreza Jalali 2007
30.    Preparing the Editorial on the Prophet’s Political Approach Imam Sadegh Research Institute 2007
31.    Examining the Forms of Social Capital in Art-Cultural Associations- State Universities in the City of Tehran Abolfazl Morshedi 2007
32.    Designing a Proper Model for the Education of Humanities in Iranian Universities Mahmoud Merhmohammadi 2007
33.    The Discourse Analysis of the Ethnic Journals in Iranian Universities Mohammad Ehsan Hooshmand 2007
34.    Designing the E-City System of Iranian Universities


Seyyed Reza Ameli 2007
35.    Examining the Efficiency of Educational Program of the Undergraduate Program of the Educational Psychology (Educational Management)


Jafar Jahani 2007
36.    Political Thoughts in Iran and Islam


Hatam Ghaderi 2007
37.    Comparing the Generation and Inter-Generation of University Subjectivity after the Islamic Revolution Mehran Sohrabzadeh 2007
38.    Examining the Causes and Absence of Iran from World University Rankings Mohammad Javad Nateghpour 2007
39.    Analyzing and Determining the Political Thought Of 10 Muslim Intellectuals Seyyed Javad Tabatabaee 2007


40.    Introduction to the Humanity Fields of Study, the Courses and their outline Gholamhossein Nahazi 2007
41.    E-Intelligence and its Factors among University Students and Designing a Program for its Development Fereshteh Monaee 2008
42.    Cover and Hijab of Women in Persian Literature and Poetry Mehdi Mohabbati 2008
43.    Approaches to Enhance the Research Functions of Faculty Members of the Humanities Nematollah Azizi 2008
44.    The Roots of Authoritarianism in Qajar Era Mahmoud Sari-ol-ghalam


45.    Examining the Consumption Patterns of Students and its Relation with Students Identity Formation ACECR- Kavoush Heidari 2008
46.    The Relation of Order and Justice in Iranian Political Thought Kamal Pouladi 2008
47.    The Political Thoughts of 7 Islamic Intellectuals Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi


48.    The Political Thoughts of 6 Islamic Intellectuals Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi


49.    Science and Scientist in Persian Literature from Medes to Contemporary Iran Mehdi Mohabbati 2008
50.    Education and Learning on Website


Hossein Ebrahim Abadi 2009
51.    Epistemological Geometry of Arab World Intellectual Trends Morteza Bohrani 2009
52.    Philosophy in the Ending Era


Ali khorsandi Taskouh 2009
53.    Civilization and Humanity in the Light of the Experience of Iranian Civilization Seyyed Reza Ameli 2009
54.    Examining the Allocation of 20% of University’s Facilities to Private Sectors  and its Practical Strategies Gholamhossein KHorshidi 2010
55.    Examining the Sociocultural Impacts of Targeting Subsidies on Universities


Kavoush Heidari (ACECR of Tehran University) 2010
56.    Designing the Universities Sociocultural Workbook in 2010-2011 Educational Year


Seyyed Shahabodiin Pakbin 2011
57.    The Attitudes  of University Professors to the Cultural Activities of Faculty Members on the Basis of the New Regulations for Upgrading Faculty Members Jalil fathabadi 2011
58.    Non-Profitable Universities’ Opportunities and Threats Nosratullah Badri

Hojatullah Mohammadi

59.    Assessing University Students’ Political Attitudes Rouhollah Abbasi


60.    Examining the Consequences of Self-Governing Dormitories Sattar Parvin 2012
61.    The First Phase of The Evaluation of Research Proposal and The 3rd Evaluation of Governmental Websites and The National Web Award Hossein ebrahim abadi 2012
62.    Developing the Hijab Regulations in Universities Imam Sadegh University


63.    Analyzing the Situation of Cultural Studies in Iran: The Social Background, Institutionalization and Its Future Abbas Varji Kazemi 2012
64.    The Comparative Study of the Role of Social Capital in Better Managements of Intelligent in the Cultural Realms of Tehran Universities: The Case of Tehran Payam-E-Nour and Sharif Universities Seyyed Ali Akbar mohammadi 2013
65.    The National Study on the Educational Functions of University Students: Designing a Structural Model based on the Professional Socio-Cognitive Theory Hamidreza Hassan Abadi 2013
66.    Planning and Administering Cultural-Education Programs with Social, Cognitive and Educational Approach to Enhance their Religiosity Mohammad KHodayarifard 2014
67.    Longitudinal Study of State-University Students’ Attitudes and Behaviors Hossein Seraj zadeh 2014
68.    Students’ Attitudes towards University Spaces (Stated University in Tehran) Seyyed Mehdi Etemadi far 2014
69.    Detailed Report on Social Situation in Iran (Part 1) Mohammadreza Javadi Yeganeh 2014
70.    Detailed Report on Social Situation in Iran (Part 1) Gholamreza Ghaffari


71.    Examining the Mechanisms of Evaluation of Foreign University Degrees in The Selected Countries Hossein Ebrahim abadi 2015
72.    Examining, Reviewing And Macro Planning of Teacher Training in Accordance with the Regulations of the Regulations of the Fundamental Transformation of the Education Documents


Ameneh Ahmadi 2015
73.    The Role of Institution in the Development of National Awareness  in the Iranian Political Thought: From1925 to 1979 Reza Najafzadeh 2015
74.    The Comparative Report on the Students’ Data of Two Wave of National Survey on Religiosity


Zeinab Hassapour doeoudgar 2016
75.    The Comparative Report of the Students’ Data Two Wave of National Survey on Social Capital


Gholamreza Ghaffari 2016
76.    The Typology of the Student-Professor Relationship Shirin Ahmadnia


77.    Studying the Elite Immigration in Iran Abolfazl koulabadi


78.    Comparative Analysis of the Situation of Students’ Facility in European and Asian Countries Fereydoun Rahmizadeh  2016
79.    Enhancing Women to the Rank of Full Professor in Iranian University Zhaleh Shaditalab 2016
80.    Communication Satellite, Sociocultural Changes and the Policy of News Dissemination Emam Sadegh University-Adel Peyghami 2016
81.    Classroom And The Presence of Violator Subject: The Case of Social Sciences and Engineering of Tehran University Mohammad Rezaei 2016




                              Title                            Researcher
1. Critical Study on John Locke Theoretical Principles: Towards The Islamic-Local Theory Research and technology deputy of Isfahan University-Nematollah Akbari 2014
2. The Interaction of Culture and Politics: Iranian  Authoritarianism in Pahlavi Era Mahmoud Sariolghalam 2014
3. The Dissemination of Knowledge in Contemporary Iran: The Case of Private Institutes of Humanity Since 2015 Seyyed Hesam Salamat 2015
4. The Ethnography of University Classroom In Iran: Qualitative Study on Some Decades of Experiences of Classrooms Maghsoud Farasatkhah 2015
5. The Experience of  Higher Education Manager Leila Falahati


6. Organizational Citizenship Behavior in University (A Case  Study)


Zahra Shah Sia 2016
7. Students’ Perceptions of Social Accountability


Fezeh Gholamreza Kashi 2016
8. Qualitative Study of Social Issue of Students’ Life in Dormitory Among Female Students Tehran University Faculty of Social Sciences

Azam Ravadrad & Sohreh Anvari

9. The Study on Megamall Sociocultural Dimensions Abbas Varij Kazemi


10. Professional Ethics of Students in University and Ideas for Policymaking in Iranian Universities (Principles, Standards and Approaches) on the Basis of Global Experience and Iranian Students’ Live Experiences Akbar Faraji Armaki 2016
11. Economic Achievements and Challenges of Women Presence in Higher Education: Analyzing the Research Findings Zahra Milaelmi 2016
12. Women Presence Achievements and Challenges in Higher Education: Dimensions of Social and Political Cooperation Afsaneh Kamali 2016
13. Students’ Attitudes towards Collaboration in Students’ Association The Association of sociology of Education-Nourollah Pasha


14. Genealogy of the Idea of Cultural Revolution in Universities (1980-1984) Ghasem Zaeri 2016
15. The Impact of Higher Education Macro Policies on The Social Trust to University Professors Shima Gholamreza Kashi 2016
16. Women Presence Achievements and Challenges in Higher Education: Diverse Dimensions of Health Homeira Sajjadi 2016