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Research council:

The research council is composed of the following people:

  • Head of the research institutes (the head of the council)
  • Deputy of the institute (the secretary of the council)
  • The Heads of research groups
  • Two of five faculty member should be among researchers from out of the institute or are selected with the recommendation of institute director and research deputy director. These people could be candidate for the subsequent four-year second term. The research council sessions are held at least once a month with the presence of two-third of the members and are formal with the presence of the director of the council. The majority of the decisions are valid with the vote of two-third of the present members. The sessions are held in accordance with the council regulations.

The Research Council is Responsible for:

  1. Drafting and verifying the internal regulations of the research council
  2. Planning the road map and scientific, research-based programs within the framework of the Ministry’s policy and act
  3. Verifying research regulations and manuals of the research groups of the institute
  4. Examining and verifying the research proposals and monitoring their progress and quality
  5. Examining and monitoring the research projects in accordance with the verified timing and revising, and verifying their changes in case its needed
  6. Appointing a referee or committee for the finalized research projects introduced by the research deputy of the institute
  7. Evaluating the research and scientific activities of the institute
  8. Approving the establishment and dismissal of the research groups to offer to Ministry research deputy for approving and following the legal procedures
  9. Planning to establish and deepen the public relation with other educational and research institutes
  10. Examining and approving holding short-terms educational workshop, conferences and scientific visits
  11. Approving the regulations for scientific journey, educational scholarships and sabbaticals
  12. Examining and approving scientific journey, educational scholarships and sabbaticals for the institute faculty members
  13. Identifying the facilitative, publishing, information- based and scientific requirements of the Institutes and recommending them to the Head of the institute
  14. Approving the regulations for authorship, and paper/book translations and the publication of the scientific activities of the institute
  15. Examining the scientific qualification of the faculty membership applicants


Year Number of sessions Number of approvals
2005 12 more than 50
2006 27 more than
2007 19 more than 220
2008 14 more than 150
2009 17 more than 180
2010 16 More than 100
2011 18 More than 225
2012 11 More than 180
2013 18 More than 190
2014 13 More than 240
2015 20 More than 210
2016 15 More than 15
Total 200 More than 2000