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The future studies began in the second half of the twentieth century, especially in its final decade, as a novel scientific and academic perspective attracting many scientific, industrial, commercial, political and military discussions. After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, and aiming to introduce new patterns for intellectual and practical activities in diverse fields, special attention was paid to the future studies. Then, many instances of methodology and futuristic policies were applied in national and international programs. Indeed, given the Iranian social and cultural specificities, it is expected to have its own scientific attitudes. Therefore, through establishing the future study groups in some of the scientific institutes, it was attempted to define a proper approach in accordance with the local and national requirements. On the same ground, the institute has established the future studies group to focus on the future of higher education, to produce the related literature review and to design the future social and cultural landscapes of the university centers of The Ministry.


The Head

Hossein Ebrahim Abadi, PhD since 2016

Reza Mahouzi, PhD (2014-2016)

Morteza Bahrani, PhD (2013-2014)

Reza Mahouzi, PhD (April-August 2013)

Nematollah Mousapour (2012-2013)


Name Scientific Ranking Field of Study Membership
Hossein Ebrahim Abadi, PhD Assistant professor Psychology The head
Firoozeh Asghari Teacher Linguistics Continuous
Morteza Bahrani, PhD Associate professor Political thought Continuous
Mohammad Hosseini Moghadam, PhD Assistant professor Future studies Continuous
Reza Mehdi, PhD Assistant professor Higher Education Planning Continuous



Staff: Ahhmad Mansour Samaei

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