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To take a specialized turn, and in line with the article of association, the department of social sciences in the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies is focused on the social study of Higher education. The field of social sciences of higher education explores the social condition, knowledge production and consumption, theoretically and fundamentally. In practical dimension, the field concentrates on the social issues related to the universities and institutes of higher education, and studies of knowledge and typology. Social studies research group have explored many related fields as scientific gatherings, social capital, brain drain, gender, collaboration and development in relation to science and science producers. The department includes faculty members who are actively involved in the social studies of science and higher education as well as the researchers from other research institutes.

The department actively pursues a three-year program, including: “Academic life which is concentrated on the “students’ life” in the first phase. Currently, “social issues of student life”, “politics and university”, “ethics and university”, “university citizenship”, “associations, centers and university gathering” are also among the main activities of the group.

The Head 

Mohammadreza Kolahi, PhD  since  2017

Ameneh Seddighian Bidgoli, PhD  (2016-2017)

Jabbar Rahmani, PhD (2015-2016)

Reza Samim, PhD (2009-2015)


Name Scientific Ranking Field of study Membership
Mohammadreza Kolahi, PhD Assistant professor Sociology Head
Seyyed Abdol-amir Nabavi, PhD Associate professor Political sciences Continuous
Seyyed Abolhassan Riazi, PhD Associate professor Geography Continuous
Ameneh Seddighian, PhD Assistant professor Political sociology Continuous
Mehdi Hosseinzadeh Feremi Assistant professor Sociology Continuous



Staff: Ahmad Mansour Samei

Tel: (+98)21- 22570777-241

Supervisor : (+98)21 22570777-22570666- 225