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Analyzing the cultural life spaces, cultural ecology of higher education and the cultural issues of university and prerequisites and the cultural authorities, students’ lifestyles and providing solutions and suggestions to improve their life is among the main concerns of the group. During the last decade, the group could manage to follow up with research areas as “Iran’s cultural study”, “Classroom sociocultural analysis”, “students’ cultural consumptions”, “dormitories”, “university regulation for Hijab”. In addition to the research activities, the group has initiated the research-based PhD level admission from 2011 in the field of “cultural policy” with 31 PhD/graduate level candidates.


Head of the Department

Reza Samim, PhD since 2016

Seyyed Mahmoud Nejati Hosseini (2014-2016)

Jabbar Rahmani, PhD (2013-2014)

Nematollah Mousapour, PhD (2012-2013)

Nader Nourmohammad (2011-2012)

Reza Samim, PhD (2009-2011)

Vahid Shalchi, PhD (2007-2009)

Seyyed Abolhasan Riazi, PhD (2007)


Name Field of Study Scientific Ranking Membership
Reza Samim, PhD Sociology Assistant professor The supervisor
Jabbar Rahmani, PhD Anthropology Assistant professor Continuous
Abbas Kazemi, PhD Sociology Assistant professor Continuous
Reza Mahouzi, PhD Philosophy Assistant professor Continuous



Staff: Vajiheh Javadi nia

Tel: (+09) 21 22570777- (+09) 21 22570666-252





  • Identifying students’ ecology and university cultural issues
  • Identifying, criticizing, and providing the policy patterns in higher education
  • Cultural requirements of Islamic-Iranian development model
  • Cultural analysis of students’ admission to higher education
  • Comparative study of cultural spaces in universities (state university, Azad University and Payam-e-Noor University)