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University, Identity and Women’s Life Policy

Today’s university has undergone changes due to cultural, social and technological changes of the present age; these changes have led to the emergence of new concepts in higher education, science and technology studies.


Systematic Review of Social Issues of Student Life

A systematic review of the social issues of student life by Amene Sediqhian Bidgoli, the member of the Institute for social and cultural studies at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and Mojtaba Lashgari, a graduate student in sociology from University of Tehran. This book is published in 2017 by the publication of the Institute for Social and Cultural Studies and is available to the enthusiasts.


The Superior Professors

The Superior Professors’ Features One of the most important functions of the university is the science production. In the meantime, professors play a major and significant role in the transfer and production of science. They have a duty in order to transfer knowledge and also to nurture students that goes beyond the transfer of science….