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University, Identity and Women’s Life Policy

Today’s university has undergone changes due to cultural, social and technological changes of the present age; these changes have led to the emergence of new concepts in higher education, science and technology studies.


In this global context, in recent years, cultural and social studies of higher education, science and technology have not only been addressed, but also has taken on central importance to the system of cognition and the prospective of higher education. Understanding the challenges facing higher education and its expectations, relying on the internal and external components of the science system allow the current state and the future of the interactions between the university and the surrounding environment through cultural and social studies.


Also, in the last two decades in Iranian society and the development of higher education institutions, the demand and competition for the presence of women in the university have increased their attendance and social participation, and with the presence of women in academic and business centers, which are often along with motherhood and wife roles, new platforms for the role and women identity construction have been formed. Multiple situations in the form of several different and sometimes contradictory roles have been able to create a new image and new identity types of women.


The book “University, Identity and Women’s Life Policy” has tried to examine the dimensions of the women identity that simultaneously have several roles, spousal, motherhood, work and student status in six different sections. The book responds to the politics of life and the identity question of these women and outlines a process of identity creative construction of these women through their experiences and new spaces in their multi-layered identity. This book is a narrative of the ultimate image of women’s identity with its challenges and adventures in the individual and social space.