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Systematic Review of Social Issues of Student Life

A systematic review of the social issues of student life by Amene Sediqhian Bidgoli, the member of the Institute for social and cultural studies at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and Mojtaba Lashgari, a graduate student in sociology from University of Tehran. This book is published in 2017 by the publication of the Institute for Social and Cultural Studies and is available to the enthusiasts.

This book is organized in two main sections;

The first part:

In the first part, the process of “Recognizing the most important social issues of student life in Iran” is presented. This section focuses on recognizing the most important social issues associated with student life with an executive approach; that is, by reviewing national plans, macro surveys, documents and meta-analyzes, the most important

Student social issues are identified in a consolidated approach.

Part II: Following this process, researchers examined the status of these social issues in existing research (generally provincial and cross-sectional studies) using a systematic review technique.

Accordingly, 359 documents were reviewed on the above issues; the criteria for selecting documents were the period from 1992 to 2017 and having a student sample and using a quantitative survey methodology.

In the case of high-risk behaviors, the issues examined include smoking, drugs and alcohol, sexual anomalies, media maladies, educational abnormalities, crimes committed, violence, vandalism, and suicidal thoughts and desires. About 197 studies were conducted on the total of these risky behaviors.


In the final chapter of this book, there are some discussions in the critique of the Medicalization and Psychologicalization of some social issues (generally high-risk behaviors). By reviewing the theoretical issues and the backgrounds of each of the issues, this process has been considered and In some areas, it should be emphasized that not only sociological, psychological or medical studies alone, but rather a multidimensional approach, and that no scientific field should restrict other areas of science.

Researchers hope that future audience of this work, with access to the information gathered in this study, will have a better insight into the social issues of student life in their present form.