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“Institute for Social and Cultural Studies” has been established with the aim of expanding research in the cultural and social fields of higher education and the development and promotion of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The basic idea of ​​the need to establish an independent research centers in the field of Social and Cultural Studies with an emphasis on academic needs of the country, was the result of research and studies under the title “Development of Research in the humanities, social, religious and cultural sciences” and “Social and Cultural-Strategic Studies” conducted in social and cultural studies planning office, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. In fact, one of the serious shortcomings of the execution units’ guidance and leadership has been the lack of scientific departments to theorize, as backing of the headquarters bodies and governmental organizations. To overcome this shortcoming, the need to carry out research and studies that aim to develop ideas and strategies based on research to decision-making system, was evident.

Accordingly, at the meeting dated Oct. 4, 2003(12/07/1382)Council for Higher Education agreed definitely with the establishment of “Institute for Social and Cultural Studies” with four departments: Cultural Studies, Social Studies, Prospective Studies and Women’s Studies;and by the approval of the relevant notification, the launch of Institute entered into the executive phase in 2004 (1383).

Currently, full-time 15 faculty member, four affiliated faculty member and two research assistant in four groups, cultural studies, social studies, women’s studies and prospective studiesare collaborating with the Institute. The institute also has published two scientific journals and more than 200 books (Authoring or Translation); has anextensive and continuous cooperation with the authentic scientific associations inthe social sciences;has held three courses research-oriented doctoral programs in the field of cultural policy-making, cultural sociology and political thought.  In the new course of their activities, the institute has paid special attention to the issue of “cultural and social studies of science and technology” and “social and cultural aspects and functions of the university in economics resistance”.

As the organizing “Farabi International Award”, the institute has held seven rounds of the festival as well.In this context, with the aim of expanding universities’ scientific collaboration and the creation of humanities professors and scholars scientific networks, the process of reviewing the FIA secretariat activities have beeninitiated.

Head of Research
Dr Hossein Mirzaei

Field of Study:Sociology

Email Address:

Academic Rank:Associate Professor

Administrator of Broucratics
Dr Reza Mahoozi

Field of Study: Philosophy

Email Address:

Academic Rank:Professor Assistance

Dr Rahmani

Field of Study:Anthropology

Email Address:

Academic Rank:Professor Assistance