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Research department is responsible for organizing and following up all the research activities of the Institute. The main activities of the research department include: collaboration with research groups to prepare research program, performing the required administrative measures for providing research proposals to the research council, announcing the approvals of research council, following up with the administrative processes of the approved research proposals, preparing the institute’s research reports, performing the required measures to connect to the national and international educational and research institutes to improve the research and cultural relations as well as  transacting cultural and scientific achievements, examining  research proposals and monitoring the process, announcing the end of research project, preparing required facilities for studying and conducting research, providing required facilities for faculty members to participate in national and international gatherings, establishing proper conditions and facilities for research groups to offer the scientific, professional and research-based counseling to the applicants, collaboration to hold scientific, cultural gatherings and workshops, preparing facilities for faculty member for sabbatical, categorizing and preserving held gatherings, and preparing research contracts.

Following up with the annual program and its approval

In the final months of each year, the Institute is engaged in the preparation of the research plan of the New Year. First, all groups announce their plans, they are arranged in the annual program and in case of modification, it will be edited. The annual plan is sent to the research council for final approval after initial approval of the Head of the research institute. Once more, the plan is examined in council during various sessions and is effective after applying the given revisions.


Research Priorities and Formal Announcements

The first formal announcement of the research priorities were made after counseling with university instructors, and scholars of the higher education as well as corresponding with various ministries through diverse sessions in 2006. It   was informed to all the universities, and institutes of higher educations, scientific associations and researchers in the fields of social and cultural studies. In the following years, and with the expansion of the institute’s research activities, these announcements were made available on the website of the institute. In 2009, due to the financial problems, the research priorities were not announced in terms of formal and public announcements.

Receiving Research Proposal and codifications

Research proposals are received in two forms: the tentative and detailed proposals. In cases where the subject of the study is not listed as the research priorities, the researcher can complete the tentative proposal and prepare the detailed proposal after its approval in the given department.


Coordinating with Scientific Departments to Evaluate Proposals   

The Institute departments are responsible for evaluation of research proposals. The received proposals are sent to various given departments for evaluation.


Coordinating with Researchers and Responding to them

Responding to researchers’ inquiries regarding completion and sending the proposals; the method and result of the evaluation; informing on the approvals of research councils; contracts’ administrative and financial procedures; contracts’ articles and obligations; the payments and other related issues are all considered among the other activities of this department.


Administrative procedures for turning research proposals to project

After confirming in research council, the research proposals are sent to this department for contract. The research department prepares the first draft of contract after receiving the researchers’ information. In cases, the institute, university or scientific association is the party, the representative will be considered as the contract party. The staffs try to clearly explain the contract articles to the party contract. The contract is set in four copies. After the initial approval of the articles, contract is sent to contractor to sign. In the next phase, the contract is signed by the financial director and is registered and is officially considered as the basis for the research process.


Coordinating the required follow-ups for research council meetings

The meeting of the research council is held once or twice a month in special cases. Coordinating the sessions is the other the research department responsibility. The staff invites the members of research association after receiving the agenda. All the required documents (the edited proposals, evaluations, the agenda, the correspondences…) are prepared for all the members. To facilitate the implementations of the Acts in cases when there are several proposals to confirm; they are all sent to the members prior to the meeting. The head of the research department is available during the meeting. The research department informs the approvals and prepares the proceeding.


Following-up to present verified proposals to research council

The required measures to get the edited proposals from the group, completing the required documents (edited proposal, evaluations, and the session proceeding, the correspondences with researcher and …) and getting the verifications from the Head of the research Institute to present in the research council.


Communicating the council’s articles and following-up for its finalization

The articles of the research council is communicated with the individuals after signing the session proceeding.



Performing all the measures of the research department including the research contract, evaluation and supervision of the translation or authorship contracts, holding seminars contract and all the types contracts for  the research activities including content-based and scientific editions, the editorship of the quarterly, book review and all the other collaboration and consultation contracts.


Following up with signing partnership with universities, research institutes and scientific associations

Negotiations with universities, research institutes and centers, and scientific associations to perform shared scientific collaborations; writing the articles of partnerships and the performing the required measures for it implementations after signing is considered among other activities of the research departments.


Drafting regulations, research manuals and following up for administering

Since its establishment, following up for drafting regulations, and manuals was organized within the research department, all these regulations drafted by this department and all the other regulations have been finalized after several sessions with the faculty members and confirmation of the research council. The regulations of payments and allocation of the research credits- following-up with the research tariffs, drafting the tariffs of research projects, and employing faculty members, the responsibilities of faculty members and etc


Monthly, quarterly, and annual report on research activities

Since its establishment, the research department drafted all research reports. There are two main types of report: the continual reports of the institute including monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual reports; the second is the case-report or the report on a special subject by the recommendation of the cultural deputy of the Ministry or the other deputies of the higher education, the council of cultural revolutions, the office of the President, … are referred to the research institute for respond and further reporting. Following-up for drafting the annual questionnaire of the annual performance of research units is one of the main reports drafted continuously and annually and is send to the research deputy of the Ministry.


Documenting the scientific and research-based works

This is the other main responsibility of the research department which includes the final reports of proposals, projects, translated articles and texts and other scientific documents for researchers’ use.


Performing required measures for the participation of the faculty members in International Conferences

To participate in the international conferences, first the faculty members of the research institute file their application. After being verified by the research group, the application is referred to the research council. The confirmation of the research council and the related document upon their arrival means the financial settlement.


Required measures to actively participate in the scientific Exhibitions

Given the existing documents, holding all sorts of exhibitions that aim to introduce the research activities of the Institute is among the responsibilities of this department. The active participation of the institute is the annual exhibition of the “research week” is one of these examples.


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