The need to strengthen the active presence of humanities in national policymaking and planning

According to the Permanent Secretariat of the Farabi International Award, in the closing ceremony, on Sunday, January 27th, 2019, Humanities have been emphasized in the remarks and opinions of professors and science elders, and the Farabi International Award has been was formed in the direction of the same attention to the humanities and has been of great interest to thinkers of the humanities.
He added: “The axis of human sciences is human; man is the chosen creature of God, and our most important spiritual, cultural and religious capital lies in the field of human sciences.” Therefore, in order to examine and pay more attention to the history of the cultural and social life of Iran, we should consider the humanities.
The Minister of Science added that the Farabi International Award will be held with the aim of protecting the position of thinkers and humanities scholars and presenting the actual conditions of the sciences in the country by presenting a real picture of the quantity and quality of human and Islamic sciences production. And in the same vein, our colleagues at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology have worked hard to hold such a fine meeting.
Dr. Gholami added, “Last year, in such an occasion, I was proud to announce that the planted seedlings became a fruitful tree, and I hope that the fruits of this annual scientific event, properly named as one of the thinkers, will be fulfilled, especially Al-Farabi was a scholar, who believed that human good life could be realized in the context of a wise community.
Head of the Policy Council of the Farabi International Award said: “We tried to encourage researchers and students to apply humanities through attention to community issues and needs, and in this edition of the Award, the presence of reputable scientific associations, faculty members, especially women, were more effective than previous ones.
He said: “If the Farabi International Award is viewed as an image of the humanities and Islamic sciences and the context for its upsurge, other goals of its holding need attention, precision and planning, which the secretariat of the Award will consider these points in cooperation with the scientific association for the following editions.
The minister of science said: “The study of the recent trends in the recent Farabi International Award edtions, especially the results of the 10th Farabi Award scientific groups and the increasing efforts in the field of humanities in the country, clearly shows that everyone’s responsibility in this area should be doubled. Therefore, a continuous assessment of the humanities and Islamic sciences status in the country should be presented by the secretariat of Farabi Award based on scientific and methodological models.
Dr. Gholami emphasized: “The regular and annual monitoring of the humanities production in Iran will bring the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to the right to formulate and set up precise and appropriate policy packages, including protection of the Persian language, social mission in all fields, and observance of research ethics.
He emphasized: “It is imperative that special efforts be made by strengthening the social network of the elite of the humanities to expand the national scientific interactions and scientific communications with other scientific areas of the world. Especially in the present situation, this necessity becomes more felt.
The Minister of Science emphasized that the Farabi International Award should reflect all the theories of the humanities and the Islamic sciences. The secretariat of the Award should try to create the perfect atmosphere for a constructive dialogue between the leaders and elites of the country, because part of the current problems in the country is due to the lack of such dialogue and the sense of effectiveness.
Minister of Science added: “Considering the importance of using the scientific capacity of reputable universities across the country, it is necessary to make greater use this large capacity in the coming editions.

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