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According to the permanent secretariat of the Farabi International Award, Dr. Hossein Mirzaie, at the 10th Farabi International Award, held on Sunday, January 27th, 2019 at the Iran International Conference Center, said: Humanities and Islamic Sciences account for over half of the country’s higher education, and today witnessed the 10th closing ceremony to honor the knowledgeable scholars of this epistemic field that has stood up to honor the high stature of the humanities and Islamic scholars.
Dr. Mirzaie added: Humanities is neither superior to other sciences nor less, however, if we consider the value of science to this subject, the human sciences outperforms the other sciences, because it is both functional and the use and social responsibility of the university, is the most important aspect that has put these sciences in the service of our beloved land.
The head of the Permanent Secretariat of the Farabi International Award thanked for the dedication and time that Dr. Eshagh Jahangiri, the first vice president of the Islamic Republic of Iran has spent in the formation of the scientific nuclei and clusters of universities of the country and the use of the executive agencies of the country from the humanities, and said that the clusters are mainly related to humanities, and comprehensive universities of the country and Allameh Tabataba’i University as a humanities university have played a valuable role in these clusters. I hoped that this valuable contribution will be a major step forward in promoting the country and increasing use of the humanities in Iran.
Dr. Mirzaie added that in the 10th Farabi International Award, 5649 works were received, 17 works will be honored in 16 selected and commendable works in 14 scientific groups and one selected as the winner of interdisciplinary studies grand prize. The interdisciplinary part will be established as the 15th scientific group of Farabi International Award from the next year.
In addition, 7 international figures from the world’s leading Iranian Studies and Islamic Studies scholars will be honored; the foreigners present in the Award are from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Kazakhstan and India. We recognize this as a step in cultural diplomacy.
Dr. Mirzai noted that in addition to the national and international sections, the pioneer scholar (deceased) in humanities of Iran and the pioneer scholar in humanities of Iran who are proud of the humanities in the country, as well as the top academic associations, the top research journal, top translator and top theorist will also be honored.
The head of the Institute for Cultural and Social Studies at the Ministry of Science added: “What is happening today as a step toward the appreciation of the scholars of the humanities is a step in tribute and to honor these loved ones, although they do not need it.

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