Today, the country urgently needs the Humanities and Social Sciences

According to the Permanent Secretariat of the Farabi International Award, Dr. Eshagh Jahangiri, First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, praised the organizers of the Award at the 10th Farabi International Award Specialized in Humanities and Islamic Studies on Sunday, January 27th, 2019 and said: “We, managers and policymakers, expect the scientific and academic institutions of the country to help the statesmen and citizens understand the issues and provide the appropriate solutions to the problems.
The first vice president considered the correct understanding of issues as a prerequisite for any action and pointed out: “If we do not find accurate information about the issues and do not know where the main problem is, the solutions will not lead us to the intended destination and in this way the role of scientists, thinkers and researchers in the humanities and social sciences is more than other scientific disciplines.
Dr. Jahangiri stated that in 40 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, we have gone through a long and difficult way, we have crossed the hard places, If we take a look at the past and give a brief overview of the events of Iran and the world, We see that many sections have been exceptional milestones in the history of the country.
The first vice president of the country, pointing out that today we are on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, considered disambiguation and opening up horizons about the future of the country as an essential and urgent need for Iran, and stated: “With scientific thinking and determination and Political will and moral responsibility, we must reduce our concern for the future in various social, economic, political and cultural fields.
Dr. Jahangiri added: Americans started a media and psychological war against Iran in the recent economic warfare against the Iranian nation, and their main goal is to make the future vague for the Iranian people and especially the younger generation.
The first vice president added: “They want to exacerbate the hesitation and concern about the future in the country, so we have to make extensive efforts to disambiguate the future in order to open up new horizons to the Iranian nation.”
Dr. Jahangiri said: Time is time of dialogue, and raising trust in each other, self-confidence and trust in the system. The most important capital that the country has to overcome the problems is the social capital that was the result of a reading and a recipe of religion that Imam Khomeini offered from Islam that the government based on the will of the people and the people in the government has the first and decisive role.
The first vice president added that in order to raise confidence in the future and promote social hope, reforms should take place in the approaches and behaviors and governance structures. If we seek to preserve Iran and the system, approaches, behaviors and structures must be corrected where needed.
Dr. Jahangiri stated that the dialogue between the government and the university has started at various stages, he said: “I tried to discuss the issue of national dialogue as an urgent need for the community since I saw the way to overcome the bottlenecks in the national dialogue.
Dr. Jahangiri stated: “We are at a time when we really need dialogue between the elites and the government, as well as dialogue between the people and the government, and even if people are protesting the situation, their protest should be heard, because only if people are on the scene, we will be able to pass the bottlenecks.
The first vice president described the important role of the community’s elite in a dialogue between the government and the people, saying that these talks have requirements that we must adhere to.
At the ceremony, Dr. Jahangiri emphasized the importance of the scientific capacity of universities in the country to solve problems and said: the participation of universities in various programs can help the development process and getting out of the community issues.

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