The book “A dream and two beds” in the critique

According to the public relations department of the Research Institute for Social and Cultural Studies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the tenth session of the series of reviews of the book “A Dream and Two Beds” from the collection of Iranian Higher Education Specialists, published by the Institute for Social and Cultural Studies, was held at the Dr. GhaneiRad’s Hall, on Wednesday, September 12th, 2018. At this meeting, KhosrowBagheri, author of the work and EmadAfroogh spoke as a critic.
KhosrowBagheri presented at the ceremony a description of the book and said: “It’s a dream in our mind to have a good and first rank university. After the Iranian Revolution, the seminary was redirected and merged with higher education. Today, many seminary centers havepenetratedinto the university, and they also think that they should be Islamic according to their mission.
He added: There is a single dream and there are two beds; two beds are due to the fact that the modern university has an international space, and as a result, the general academicsthinks about having anillustrious university in modern university space.
Bagheri, referring to the issue of the relationship between science and religion in the academic space, added: Accordingly, the view that prevails at the university must separate science and religion, and believes that each must work in their own field.
Dr. Afroogh, in another part of the meeting, said that he shared with the author of the book and continued: I read your reviews to JavadiAmoli, MesbahYazdi and Mehdi Golshani, and I have to say that your reviewabout JavadiAmoliwas too much into extreme details. Based on what interpretation of him, did you criticize the relation of reason and religion? Because Ayatollah JavadiAmoli regards intellect as independent of the components of religion, and why this is objectionable to you, and if we consider the quotes, then reason again is raised. If we accept that reason is limited then let’s allow the quotes to enter.
He continued: The other issue is the discussion of the epistemic and judgmental relation, which is more familiar to me than the epistemological relationship that you mentioned in the book!
The scholar arguing that this book has an issue of concern to the matters and this is one of the merits of the book, said: The work does not only express theoretical issues, anywhere in the bookthat the discussion is theoretically,there is a half look at the situation in Iran. Attention to university autonomy is another merit of the book, in which the discussion of theorizing, dialogue and attention to formalism and so on has been stated.

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