Book Review Report of “Elite University, Mass University”

According to the public relations department of the Research Institute for Social and Cultural Studies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, a book review meeting of “Elite University, Mass University” was held on Sunday, Sep. 9th, 2018 with the presence of Dr. Morteza Mardiha, the author of the work, Dr. Hamid Javdani and Dr. Mohammadreza Kolahi in the hall of the Iranian Sociological Association. At this meeting, the Dr. Mardiha first began to talk about the time of writing many of the book’s contents, which goes back to twenty years ago when the Islamic Azad University was developing in many regions, and said: At that time, we were confronted with the development of Azad university, and along with it, there were a lot of discontent and criticism. Also, many people compared Iran with other countries specially developed countries. The question was what is the difference between students in Iran and students in industrialized and developed countries? I pointed out in the first series of these writings that we are dealing with phenomena known as Mass University, which first, it’s not a decision, but surrender.

He added: university at the beginning, about one and a half centuries ago, was a place for aristocracy, that is to say, a response to a percentage of the minority of people who could afford to pay. But what happened in the 1960s, and soon spread to our countries, was that the general stage in education was high. In this situation, it was no longer expected from university and this was not just about the student’s prestige, but also about the professor.

In the following, Dr. Hamid Javdani, the faculty member of the Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education, pointed out that the university did not merely create for the industrialization of a country and said: “It may be the opposite, and in the decades we see how commercialization of the university has hit societies, universities and humanity. In addition, we are witnessing a great deal of evolution in higher education, the first part of which is related to theoretical foundations and partly to their application that to which extent universities have succeeded and to what extent they have responded to the needs of the community.

Mohammad Reza Kalahi, the faculty member at the Institute for Social and Cultural Studies, said: During the answer to the question “what is university and what the expectation of our university is?” the author’s view is put into society and this answer is presented during the two glances at the university; First is the Elite university. It means the university as an elite breeding institution, where its mission is to educate. The second glance is the Mass University. That is, university as an institution for educating citizens. Gradually, the university becomes widespread, its purpose and function varies, from educating the specialist to a well-educated citizen and the promotion of the general level of culture, and the university turns from the Elite to Mass University.

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