Report of the book review meeting of “The University and Challenges of the Iranian Society”

According to the public relations department of the Research Institute for Social and Cultural Studies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, a book review meeting of “University and Challenges of the Iranian Society” by Dr. Taghi Azadarmaki was held on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018 with the presence of Dr. Maghsoud Farastakhah, Dr. Ebrahim Tawfiq in Allameh Tabataba’i University, Faculty of Social Science. At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Azadarmaki said: “In recent books I am concerned with the emergence of sociology and social sciences, which I have been involved in the science. I believe that the phenomenon of science and university is a completely developmental phenomenon. If we did not enter the development, we probably would not have university. That is, university is a phenomenon related to Reza Shah.

Azad, referring to the two dimensions of democracy and justice in society and the role of the Iranian university, added: “Fundamentally, the issue of democracy and justice in Iran was the result of a development project and, in fact, development has been in terms of the organized society.” For the development project, most of the Reza Shah’s efforts have been organizational endeavors, that is to say, Reza Shah, founded the organization to build the institution. It is with the same policy that the university is established and deployed. For this reason, the goal of access to the university was not the production of wisdom and knowledge, but also the production of specialists.

The speaker of the meeting, Ibrahim Tawfiq, after pointing out the form of the book, said: There is a definite look at the book that the university has created for modernization. If it really was the university’s commitment to provide development, I must say that it was not successful at all. Of course, I agree that there is an intervention, but I do not agree that it was supposed to provide development, and this did not happen at all.

He added, “I agree with the fact that the university is a place that makes employee and regulates its survival through bureaucratization, but the main point is that I do not agree with you that the university is a small part that is intended to produce knowledge.

Maghsoud Frasatkhah’s began his statements by pointing to the position where Dr. Azadarmaki stands and attempting to put forward an ideal brigade instead of claiming against the university and said: As an example, Dr. Azadarmaki introduces a kind of anti-science that has fallen to the community. I also think that a university is a possessed and conquered institution, and with all the criticisms in this book, but the book wants to say that there is a stream or main stream, and a flow of knowledge that is the same as modernity.

Maghsoud Frasatkhah continued: “In this perspective, the society has been in the two centuries that struggles to change, and this change will take place through the mediation of the university. In the book, there are two admitted thoughts: national thought and modernity. Indeed, Dr. Azadarmaki states the hard experience of Iran mournfully.

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