The presence of Ghanei Rad in the public sphere and his impact on the sociology of the country was exemplary

According to the public relations/communication department of the Research Institute forSocial and Cultural Studies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Dr. HosseinMirzaei, head of the Research Institute at the Scientific Report Meeting of Dr. Mohammad Amin Ghanei Rad in the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, said: In the words of NimaYooshij, Some people inspire me, they give me strength. Certainly remembering Dr. Ghanei Rad is the same. Talk about Dr. Ghanei Rad nourishes our souls. One of the characteristics of science is its continuity, and this is a feature of the universe. Although he is no longer alive, but his works existence and continue, we are glad that thinker like Ghanei Rad was in our society during our lifetime and we were soul mate and learned from him.
Referring to Dr. GhaneiRad’s work, he added: “Ghanei Rad was a multi-dimensional man. As a sociologist in higher education, science and technology, and at the same time a sociologist in the public sphere, he sought science for society. These two dimensions must be considered simultaneously, and one should not be neglected.
Mirzaei reminded: DrGhaneiRad’s presence in the public sphere and his impact on the sociology of the country and the sociological association were exemplary. The task of the sociologist is also to serve the community and the public sphere, as well as the field of science to which it belongs.
Head of the Research Institute for Social and Cultural Studies of the Ministry of Scienceexplained: “Survey of science and society” book is a very good example for survey work. This book is a great work in the study of global experience and the implementation of the Iranian version in the discussion of “science and society”, and more precisely”society and science”. The concern of this work is the tendency towards science and understanding of science in society. Sociology of Science considers the relationship between society and science and the impact that society has on science, rather than the relation between science and society.
A member of the faculty of the University of Tehran said: So what has been studied in this work is what does society think of science? How does science deal with science and what is the general understanding of science? Also, what science is useful and how does it see the issues? What are the suggestions on policymaking and science and technology policy?

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