Iranian Cultural Studies and Urban Middle Class Hegemony

Dr Abbas Varij Kazemi, a Faculty Member of the research Institute for Social and Cultural Studies, at the 12th International ACS Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference Organized by Association for Cultural Studies and Shanghai University (12-15 August, 2018) presented his article titled: “Iranian Cultural Studies and Urban Middle Class Hegemony”.

Iranian Cultural Studies and Urban Middle Class Hegemony
Abbas VarijKazemi

In this article, I will show how cultural studies in Iran defines itself as an urban middle class advocate.For this purpose, the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iranon Iranian middle class life will be reviewed. I demonstrate that how, after the 1979 revolution, the details of the life of this class, including dressing, consumption and cultural tastes, are limited by the state.And as a result, the position of this class has changed from “dominant” before therevolution to “subordinated” afterthat. Through reviewing influential works and students’ dissertations in Cultural Studies departmentsin Iranian universities, it will be shown how the study of the life of the middle class has been an emancipatory and critical activity in Iran.Therefore, the concept of “resistance”is used as tool for criticizing of state policies and displaying of the agency of the middle class in Iran.
Despite this, I will criticize that focus on middle class life has marginalized the economy in favor of culture. Turning to study of thelife of lower social classes places the culture in the economic context.For this reason, Iranian cultural studies should bridge the gap between culture and economy to be able to study another part of the subaltern and dominated classes.

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