“Diffusion of Women citizenship and the Higher Education System” the article was publishedrecently

Recently, the scholarly paper titled as:Diffusion of women citizenship in higher education system was recently published by the faculty member of the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies.

According to the report by the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies of the ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the articlewas published inHaft Shahr;the scientific journal of the Iranian Urban Developmentand Revitalization; gender and citizenship special issue by Khadija Keshavarz (PhD) and ShaqayeqYousefiMoghaddam.

In this article we read: “individuals are considered as the citizens of the society who cannot realize their potential and participate in the society. As women, they aredeprived of their fundamental rights and there is no space left to talk about their citizenship.

On the basis of qualitative research data on female university students, the article seeks to address to a very important concern. The main inquiry is whether or not the sole access to the higher education could contribute ti the spread of women citizenship in Iran in spite of the absence of the education of citizenship in higher education and lack of knowledge in this area.

The full text article is available in Journal of Haft Shahr, no. 57-58,pp.156-169.


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