Ziaee: “Mysticism is not Produced in Vacuum”

The second session of the session series of “Mysticism and the Scientific Thought” was held in the Tehran University Faculty of Social Sciences. Seyyed Abdolhamid Ziaee, the researcher of comparative mysticism held talk in this session.

According to the report by the public relation of the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, affiliated with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Ziaee talked about the “conceptual geography and the experiences of mysticism” stating that: “Mysticism is not created in vacuum.Monastery, cloak and… are created.This means that mysticism turns into the collective issue. Therefore, we need the sociological perspective on mysticism”.

He enumerated on the resources for the study of mysticism as four main categories; intuitive knowledge is the primary base. This means that the mystic attitudes are rooted in our nature and we generally have a positive perspective on mysticism. For instance, we all want to regard the world as a mysterious place.

Ziaee; “the intuitive knowledge is a broad consciousness and not distinctive, our serious problem is that intuition does not provide any knowledge by itself. Other resources of mysticism include the language analysis, the scholars of mysticism and the study of mystical phenomenameaning the objective manifestations of other mystic activities”.

He offered three general approaches for identifying mysticism: “the holistic, component oriented and natural approaches, which with specific issues that we have to know each very meticulously”.

He added: “mysticism is very broad and it is not possible to know it all. Therefore, anybody who opposes or support mysticism has confronted it with his/her own understanding”.

In the end, he divided the mystic learning into theoretical and practical aspects: “believing in realities beyond logic and senses, an impersonal and absolute essence, considering intuition as the source of cognition, and a realm more in tone with reality andit is possible to face directly the self through theoretical learning of mysticism.

The “Mysticism and Scientific thought” are held every Saturday (14:00-16:00 pm) in the hall of Associations of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Tehran University.

Address: Faculty of Social Sciences, Tehran University, Jalal-Al-e-Ahmad, Pol-e-Nasr

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