Examining the status of France Higher Education

The meeting welcomed the deputies of University of Paris 13, held in the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies to address the current status of France’s higher education.

In the meeting, Dr. Daniel Verba and Prof. Phillip Barbeh from France joined Jabbar Rahmani (PhD), the Deputy of Research and education; Reza Mahouzi (PhD), deputy of Financial Affairs, Ahmad Shakeri (PhD), the international Deputy and the faculty members exchanged talk on the higher education of France.

In the beginning, Dr. Daniel Verba talked on the “France’s University Policies in international domains” and presented the case studies of Paris 12 university. He reported that France enjoys a population of 2 million and six hundred thousand students in various disciplines and degrees.

University of Paris 13 International Deputy enumerated on some of the policies for facilitating the international mobility of French students, “on this very basis the university degrees are defined on three levels: Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate or LMD (the 3-year bachelor after the Diploma), Masters (5-year-study after Diploma), Doctorate (8-year-study after Diploma). Currently, tow-third of French universities have employed the LMD formula and there are two types of Master degrees in France: the professional and research-based.

He added: the University of Paris 13 has signed around 567 partnership with universities from the European Union and 95 with universities out of the union. 250 graduate and 154 university students are included in these partnerships. He pointed to the influential factors in students’ failures in the first year of university studies and referred to the university policies and strategies for the internationalization of higher education under 5 headings: 1) policies and strategies; 2) Measures; 3) Education; 4) Motivating to graduation as well as student entrance to university, 5) evaluation.

In the end he referred to the 47-year history of university, and presented on a number of related topics including;  the current schools and departments, dormitories, the number of students, the administrative staff, speeches and lectures, and the held meeting and conferences, laboratories, libraries and all the university facilities reminding that: the teaching of French language  was included in all teaching programs of the university.

Prof. Phillip Barbeh, the vice president and the head of academic Council of University of Prasi 13, lectured on the “stages of Higher education in Doctorate in France”, maintaining that: “I will present the documents for application for Universities in France, the application, the timing, the university degrees and the evaluation of educational certificates, changing the working experience to educational certificates and the ways it all is evaluated in the higher education system in France.

Finally, the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies’ faculty members shared their similar experiences in Iranian Universities; then, the proposal for mutual partnership was presented in diverse forms.

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