“Intellectual trained out of the University System”: Samim (PhD)

In the first session of the session series on “Cultural Life of Professors” titled as “Is Iranian University a Space for Cultural Production?” Reza Samim (PhD) referred to the meanings of the notion and maintained that: “the issue of intellectualism is addressed when we confront with the duality of intellectual and anti-intellectual. Such duality is presented by the dual meaning of classic and folklore and was transformed from the early time of the modern era”. The meeting was held yesterday in the Hall of Associations of Social Sciences in the Faculty of Social Sciences  in Tehran University from 15 to 17 p.m.

According to the report by the Institute of Social and cultural Studies public relation department; this faculty member suggested that: “the main debate is mainly formed between two groups of culture claimers with respect to the former and the new sense of the word. Intellectualism has two meanings; the logical-bureaucratic and romantic. The former intellectuals owned psychological potentials and were considered intellectuals on the basis of noblesse, and their family status. In the new sense of the word, the individual is not considered intellectual due to family status in a non-noblesse sense of the word.

Samim added that: “in the new sense, the ability to intellectualism is something all individuals are capable of and that the intellectual creates ideals in accordance with shared human needs and benefits. Whereas, the romantic approach believes that individuals differ from one another on the basis of their uniqueness. This means that individuals are not considered intellectual on the basis of education.

He referred to the Iranian Universities as the places for intellectual production in its romantic sense during 1934-1953 reiterating that: “Tehran University was first established to produce intellectuals in its romantic sense, and the romantic intellectual chose art and literature and created ideals. In the following era which lasted until 1980, there was an emphasis on technical fields of studies, while the domain of intellectualism remained largely in art and literature and without university professors to train them.

Samim: ‘Today, the romantic intellectual is educated out of university and in parallel universities”.

The meeting was coordinated with the collaboration of culture & society section of the Association of Sociology and the section of Science and University of the Anthropology Association affiliated with Tehran University Faculty of Social Sciences. The next session will be held on November 5 2017 with Mohammad Reza Moridi as the invited speaker.

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